We are Helena and Charlotte, the mother-daughter team of La Cuina d’en Garriga cooking gluten-free delicious recipes for a happier life with diabetes.



We transform products full of history and meaning into happiness and love. We care. We were raised that way. Helena grew up on first-pressed virgin olive oil and Olivier on fresh butter from Alpine pastures.

Our motto and logo, the siphon, is an authentic Catalan symbol that dates back 150 years, when vermouth was essential, tomatoes tasted like tomatoes and wine was drunk from the jug.  Helena Garriga’s great-grandfather, Agustí Garriga Mundet, brought the carbonated digestive water siphon from the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1867 to his pharmacy in Girona.  Since then, 4 generations of the Garriga family have been successfully linked to siphons.

This heritage and the Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease of our daughter Charlotte, inspire us today to find authentic, seasonal products, made with the hands and with the heart by small local artisans and to share them here cooking healthy and delicious recipes for a happier life with diabetes and celiac disease.

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